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The origins of the SCP Foundation is largely a mystery as most information regarding the “early days” is shrouded in secrecy or has been lost. What is known is that there have always been secret societies that worked to keep objects of great power hidden from the rest of the world. The SCP Foundation its self is believed to have begun as gentlemens club of enlightened minds, archaeologists and nobles in the early 1800s. The Foundation fought a secret war against more established secret societies and assimilated others. As mans scientific understanding grew the Foundation expanded to gain the support of the British Empire. The Foundation could not remain beholden to one single nation for fear that the British Empire might use the artifacts in the Foundations possession as tools of war. So the leadership instituted a rule of neutrality. The British Empire did not appreciate this and cracked down on the Foundation, forcing it deeper underground. Nobility within the Empire continued to support the SCP Foundation despite the crack down. The Foundations arguments with the British have since become a thing of the past.

In the 1920s the SCP Foundation underwent an overhaul after a branch splintered away from the Foundation to carry out its own goals. This splinter cell came to be known as the Chaos Insurgency (or CI). After World War 2 the SCP Foundation underwent another overhaul, gaining the support of several nations to become the first and last line of defense against the paranormal. Today all the major world governments entrust the Foundation to maintain “normalcy” and defend them against nameless threats.

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NOTE: Most material that is not directly linked to the SCP Website is not cannon, but things that I have gathered from my own Interpretation weather it is written somewhere or not.

The SCP Foundation

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