SCP Agents and Task Forces


Agents are the front line troops of the SCP Foundation. They investigate suspected anomalies and gather information. Often times Agents take on the role of law enforcement or military personnel with multiple (obviously fake) badges to choose from. SCP Agents work alone or in very small groups. Agents are the ones that find and retrieve most artifacts, and often stay behind to help with the “clean up.” (eliminating information leaks)

When an investigation turns up a particularly dangerous SCP object or if an Agent requires help for “damage control” (covering up incidents) then they can call upon a containment team to provide assistance. (Note to players: It helps to mention what kind of situation you are dealing when calling in a containment team.)

The SCP Foundation recruits its agents mostly from government agencies and elite military groups from around the world; (CIA, FBI, Navy SEALs, Spetsnaz, ect…) but has been known to recruit agents from local law enforcement, the media, and the mafia. Agents are recruited based on their aptitude for dealing with paranormal situations or are picked based on desired traits and past experience. The Foundation recruits by invitation only. (GM’s Note: They use the Men in Black method of “Hey you are pretty good at this, would you like to work with us?” and “You are the best of the best and we want you to work for us!”)

Task forces are groups of agents that specialize in dealing with certain kinds of situations. A task force is usually only deployed when discretion is no longer possible. These task forces range from heavily armed combat teams to “think tanks” of scientists that deal with abstract problems.

Containment teams are groups of agents that carry out mundane tasks such as clean up after a large battle or transportation of an anomalous object to a Foundation facility. They differ from task forces in that they often show up after the battle or during the battle to provide assistance. They often range from bio suited crews with scanners and tweezers to soldiers with black armored vans. (Note: There might be some confusion between Containment teams and task forces, note that containment teams are a bit more common and aren’t as experienced as task forces, which usually show up when stuff has hit the fan.)

Security personnel work exclusively at Foundation facilities to protect anomalous objects and police the facility staff. Security members are recruited under a similar criteria to that of agents. Some times agents join the security staff when field work proves too stressful for them or when they are awaiting new assignments and need work to pass the time.

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Ranks among agents are the same as those for other foundation personnel but with extra additions. Level 0 Agents are refereed to as “Probationary Agents,” they are new recruits that train under wiser more experienced agents. In addition there are no field agents with a security class of Level 5, this position only belongs to Command personnel at Foundation facilities. Security Clearance Levels

Vacation, Pay, and work

No one works for free, the SCP Foundation has standard wages for all personnel based on their security clearance and occupation. Vacation and work all depend on the agent. Some agents come home every weekend to family while others live and work at a Foundation facility. Most agents remain on call during vacation so they can be called in to work at any time. Working for the SCP Foundation is similar to being in the military. Agents often have to be away from their families for weeks at a time, and some times families have to move to different countries as the agents postings change.

Retirement and Quitting

There is no retirement from the SCP Foundation. Experienced field agents that wish to retire from field work are often given desk jobs as administrators. Agents that wish to quite the organization entirely can request to have a complete mental rewrite using massive amounts of amnesiacs. This takes time and several criteria must be met before the rewrite can be administered. (Agent must have no friends of family outside the SCP Foundation and other criteria.) There is also the possibility that a rewrite might not work. Its easier to do a rewrite on an Agent that hasn’t been with the Foundation for very long then one that has decades of experience. Death via lethal injection is another option, but is rarely taken for obvious reasons.

SCP Agents and Task Forces

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